Welcome to the revolution of construction. We at RTB, are creating new standards through leading with vision, integrity and quality, with a strong, passionate focus on individual and community empowerment. We are not just managers running crews, we are leaders and teachers focused on the lost art of connecting with one another to create a band of brothers. This bond, once established, focuses on teaching one how to fish with excellence, for the rest of their life, instead of feeding him for a single day. Our focus is to train thousands of men and women to be masters in their field, masters of one trade, with the pride and honor of being part of a team that loves and appreciates them for who they are, a band of brothers. The men and women who make up this band are unified by passion and do not hesitate to put their life on the line to turn a community around and “Be” the difference, with the utmost love and care. No matter what it takes.

With this being the initial focus of RTB’s “why” vision there is a very important second phase of our “why” that is embraced as a code of honor among the entire band. This code is embraced through the company that our greatest purpose and fulfillment in the service of our residents that consider our construction rehab projects their home. We are bound to honor, protect and serving them and their family’s as our own. We embrace an understanding that every piece of material installed is soon to be someone’s home and must be done with love and integrity.

We are called to engage projects from mild rehabs, to projects in the toughest crime ridden neighborhoods that have been condemned and deemed not savable. City’s contact RTB when they have a problem property that no one else believes in enough to take on. (How strongly do you feel about the previous sentence?) We firmly believe in the Broken Window Theory and have a track record of revitalizing and restoring entire communities. We are certain there is nothing we cannot achieve. We have proven this on over 400 projects in the last 11 years.

We are shaping a new future and perspective, for what has been considered for too many years, as low income housing. When we leave a completed project, it will now be seen an amazing community of quality and excellence, re-built with love, that every human being on the planet can come and feel safe to be part of.

Travis Steffens President & Owner